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अमरुशतकं रसिकसञ्जीविनीसमेतम्


Amaru-shataka (Amaru’s Hundred Verses) is perhaps the most celebrated collection of love verses in Sanskrit. It is said that Amaru packs into individual verses, what others take books to express. This edition comes with Arjunavarmadeva’s commentary which provides insights from Alankara-shastra, Natya-shastra, Kama-shastra and more.



Title अमरुशतकं रसिकसञ्जीविनीसमेतम्
Author अमरुः, अर्जुनवर्मदेवः
Editor Mahâmahopâdhyâya Paṇdit Durgâprasâda, Vâsudeva Laxmaṇ Śâstrî Paṇaśikar
Publisher Nirnaya-sagar
Publication year 1916

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