Privacy Policy

Ambuda is committed to protecting your privacy. This document explains what data Ambuda collects about you and how we share and retain it.

Data we collect and how we use it

  • We record web access logs for all visitors to our site, which includes such information as your IP address and which URLs you visit. We store this data temporarily and use it solely to improve our technical platform.

  • Proofing content that you provide (file uploads, transcriptions, etc.) may be published and available publicly on Ambuda.

  • If you create an account for proofing, we store user registration information (such as your username and email address). We use this information to allow you to log in and access the system. We use cookies to track sessions for logged-in users.

  • We use Plausible for privacy-friendly analytics. This data includes your URL, browser, and operating system but is collected in a privacy-friendly and deidentifiable way. Data is stored as per Plausible's Data Policy.

  • We use reCAPTCHA to prevent abuse during password resets or account creation. Data is processed as per the Google Privacy Policy.

  • We send emails for password reset or account confirmation using SendGrid, with which we share your email address. This data is processed as per the Twilio Privacy Notice.

  • Submissions to the contact form are routed to Formspree and processed as per the Formspree Privacy Policy. We use your submissions to get feedback to help improve Ambuda.

  • We load some scripts from the jsdelivr CDN, which processes and collects data as per the Privacy Policy.

Data use and retention

Other than the specific cases mentioned above, and publicly shared proofing contributions, we do not share your data with any third parties. We may also retain and share your data as needed in order to comply with our legal obligations.

If you would like us to delete any of your data, please contact us.