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Sanskrit literature with word-by-word analysis and integrated dictionaries. All in a free online library that works on all devices.

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Building the world's largest Sanskrit library

Sanskrit texts are scattered across dozens of websites, thousands of books, and millions of manuscripts. Their quality and ease of use vary widely, and there isn't an easy way to explore what Sanskrit has to offer.

That's why Ambuda is building a complete library of traditional Sanskrit literature. Our library is small now, but it's growing rapidly. Soon, it will be the largest Sanskrit library in the world.

Open access for all

What if you could read Sanskrit anywhere for free? What if reading Sanskrit online were delightful and beautiful? What if you could easily find Sanskrit resources in your native language?

We have a long way to go, but we want to make our library radically accessible to as many people as we can. For now, you can use our website on any device. Soon, we'll support other languages besides English.

Intelligent technology

Word-by-word analysis. Integrated dictionary support. Transliteration to a variety of different scripts. And so much more. Our intelligent library uses state-of-the-art technology to make Sanskrit more accessible than ever before.

But our work is just beginning. We have so much planned for the future: translations, commentaries, full-text search, and deeper hyperlinks across the entire corpus.

By the public, for the public

Ambuda is run entirely by volunteers, and we would be thrilled to have your support in whatever form you can provide it. Learn more about how you can help Ambuda grow.

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Our work is just beginning. Thank you for using Ambuda.

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