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मेघसन्देशः पूर्णसरस्वतीकृतया विद्युल्लतया सनाथीकृतः


This edition of Kalidasa’s Megha-sandesha (Cloud Messenger) is accompanied by the commentary Vidyullata, which offers very perceptive readings of the poem, going far beyond the usual grammatical analysis. Like all of Purnasarasvati’s works, it is a model for how kavya commentaries should be written.



Title मेघसन्देशः पूर्णसरस्वतीकृतया विद्युल्लतया सनाथीकृतः
Author कालिदासः, पूर्णसरस्वती
Editor R.V. Krishnamachariar
Publisher Sri Vani Vilas Press
Publication year 1909

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