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Bhavikam Vision
प्रणमत्युन्नतिहेतोर् जीवितहेतोर् विमुञ्चति प्राणान् ।
दुःखीयति सुखहेतोः को मूढः सेवकादन्यः ॥
In order to get a lift he himself bends down,
For a good living he risks the life of his own,
For the sake of pleasure he suffers pain.

Who can be such a fool except the serving man?

In the first example, the beautiful feminine figure has been
very artistically represented without giving the details of its charm-
ing features, but simply stating its exquisite and incomparable
charm in a special mode of poetic diction.
In the second verse, the wretched and pathetic condition of
the life of a servant has been highlighted through contradictions of
his personal feelings and attitudes.
Bhāvikam : Vision :
The word bhavaāvika literally means natural, real, innate or inherent.
This figure is otherwise called Bhāva which signifies the intention
or feeling of the poet. Bhāva is also synonymous to bhāvanā mean-
ing deep thinking with total absorption. In rhetoric, Bhāvika is a figure
of speech where some person or thing relating to the past or future
is represented so strikingly in the present context that the same
appears, as it were, real. Visvanātha explains that in such figurative
representation, the poet reconstructs such a charming and wonder-
ful thing or character so vividly or minutely that the reader's ima-
ginative faculty conceives it, as if, real before his mind's eye.
It is very important to note that Daṇḍin, Bhäāmaha and Bhaṭṭi
acknowledge bhāvika as prabandha-guṇa (ie literary quality that per-
vades the entire composition and not merely a single word, phrase
or a sentence. It is for this reason that they do not cite any example
of this figure. In this context, bhāvika may also seem strikingly iden-
tical with prasāda guna which, according to rhetoricians, is per-
spicuity or lucidity of expression.
Bhaāvika is different from Bhräntimaāntimān, Atiśayokti and
Pratīyamāna-utprekṣā. Bhrāntimān (Illusion) creates some types of
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