Loosely, our project has four phases. Polishing each of these phases is an unending task, but even a "good enough" version of each phase is valuable and useful.

The phases are as follows:

  1. A delightful user interface. We will create a simple and attractive website that works across devices. Most of the work is in overall design, with a few smart features such as an integrated dictionary and on-demand transliteration to other scripts.

  2. A smart reading environment. Once the basic reading experience satisfies, we will integrate more and more assistive tooling for learners. At a minimum, we will support sandhi splitting and word-by-word analysis for at least 50% of the texts in our archive.

  3. A publishing platform. Once our project becomes the de facto way to read Sanskrit online, we will build out an end-to-end publishing platform that supports collaborative work on transcription and proofreading.

  4. A complete archive. With these three phases in place, what remains is the real work: gathering, transcribing, proofreading, and publishing all of Sanskrit.

Roughly, we expect to complete phase 1 in days, phase 2 in weeks, phase 3 in months, and phase 4 in years.

Our project is currently in phase 3.